Space view of sun rising over the earth to illustrate my daily logo design challenge

Daily Logo Design Challenge


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The Challenge

In early September 2018, I started my Daily Logo Challenge, a 50-day journey toward becoming a better logo designer. Each day I would be receiving a new design brief with a fresh logo design inspiration to get my creative juice flowing and practice my design skills.

These projects are really another way to motivate and discipline oneself to create something new every day, to get small daily results that contribute to the whole journey. Sometimes a design brief will bring you out of your comfort zone which proves, time and again, to be such a good thing.

In addition to building up a stronger portfolio, I welcome the opportunity to stimulate my creative eye through a variety of design prompts, practice and perfect the rapid ideation process that is typically part of my design workflow and simply get better at managing my time.

This project page documents this experiment and showcases the logo concepts I have produced in the process.

The logos

Click on a logo below for more information on a particular day's challenge including the design brief, insight on the proposed concept and logo variations.