Model Kathleen photographed in a Marese Couture dress for BigBen Kids London

Hi, I'm Xavier

I am a creative professional passionate about brands, design, content, user experience, and digital.

A rich set of technical and creative skills

Over the years, I have been building a body of work that aggregates a diversity of technical and creative skills in photography, graphic designer, filmmaking, web development, digital marketing, content writing and more.

Go Sport brand identity store signage mockup by Xavier Wendling


Explore a selection of commercial, freelance and personal projects that showcase my interests, creative and tecnical skills and experiences.

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A website to document my creative journey

From my early years in software development and high tech companies to my current creative journey, I'd like this website not only to showcase my multidisciplinary skills, experiences and professional qualities, but also to reflect my creativity, curiosity, passion and an endless urge to learn and grow.

Xavier Wendling, self-portrait shot in the studio


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