Pasquale Ricciardi à ses fourneaux, restaurant Le Cinecittà, Grenoble

Restaurant Cinecittà


Design and develop a highly visual and elegant website that promotes the restaurant's traditional Italian cuisine. Create high quality visual assets.


  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Photography
  • Copy


Since 2010


Client (Le Cinecittà, Grenoble)

Pasquale & Pieralba Ricciardi, restaurant Le Cinecittà, Grenoble.


Since 2010 I have been working with Le Cinecittà, a wonderful traditional italian restaurant in Grenoble, helping them establish a presence online and reach out to new local and traveling audiences.

Work includes web design and development, website maintenance and upgrades, contents creation including all photography and texts, search engine optimization.

Explore the restaurant's website at

Homepage of the Restaurant Cinecittà website


The multi-section homepage is designed to provide all the practical information needed and plenty of enticing visual content to wow the visitor. Creating an emotional reaction through rich and carefully crafted visual contents and texts has been the general motto for this web site from day one.

thematic page on the Restaurant Cinecittà website

Thematic pages

A separate page covers each aspect of the restaurant and is richly illustrated with beautiful photography.

Sample blog post on the Restaurant Cinecittà website


The blog section is treated with equal attention and care. More than a place to provide customers with the latest restaurant news, the blog contributes to further establishing the site's authority and creating interest and emotion by communicating on the chef's passion. This is were recipes and inspirations are shared on a regular basis.

Food Photography

From the very beginning, I wanted to create an emotional connection with visitors through rich visual content and texts telling an authentic story. As a result, photographing the food, the kitchen and the rest of the restaurant has been a prominent aspect of the project.

  • Carpaccio, restaurant Le Cinecittà, Grenoble
  • Lasagne traditionnelle, restaurant Le Cinecittà, Grenoble
  • Antipasti, restaurant Le Cinecittà, Grenoble
  • Spaghetti puttanesca, restaurant Le Cinecittà, Grenoble
  • Fusilli al pesto, restaurant Le Cinecittà, Grenoble
  • Orecchiette siciliana, restaurant Le Cinecittà, Grenoble
  • Profiteroles, restaurant Le Cinecittà, Grenoble
  • Pasquale & Pieralba Ricciardi, restaurant Le Cinecittà, Grenoble.
  • Pasquale Ricciardi en cuisine, restaurant Le Cinecittà, Grenoble