Cute whale illustration by Xavier Wendling
Cute whale illustration by Xavier Wendling

Illustration work for Genea-Art


I am happy to report on a recent collaboration with Genea-Art, a company launching very soon and offering configurable family trees available for order and print.

Genea-Art has been building a collection of original genealogy tree templates designed by various illustrators and graphic designers. In that context I was tasked with creating two original designs.

After an initial brainstorming phase spent exploring various wall art ideas that would work either in a child's bedroom or in the living room, I elected to work on two children theme designs.

One features a cute whale venting a massive spout overhead. Creating original art and blending a family tree as seamlessly as possible presented a unique challenge, forcing me to consider design ideas that would be compatible with common types of family tree topology. The spout with its inverted triangular shape was the direct result of such consideration.

Head over to the Genea-Art's website to discover this design and work by other artists.