New Boy on swing illustration


I couldn't wait to share this cute little watercolor illustration I recently completed.

The initial inspiration came from a photograph I had recently taken of my precious little one having fun on a swing. Shooting from a low angle, with the sun already low and behind my subject and flash triggering to open up shadows, I was quite pleased with the end result. It felt balanced, dynamic and light. More than anything, it also was the perfect capture of a moment of pure fun and joy with my boy.

Looking back at that picture, its originality, its composition, simplicity and dynamic quality suddenly made sense to me. The next logical step wwas to create an illustration from it. This artwork was created in Photoshop using a few wonderful brushes by famed illustrator Kyle T. Webster, including from the watercolor pack.

See [more illustration material][1] in the related project page.

To learn more about my illustration work and my overall activity in visual design, I have be busy lately building up a new graphic design section on this web site. Expect more content to be added to showcase my passion and work on the subject, including brand identity and art direction projects, illustration, vector graphics and typography.

There is also a dedicated section to learn about my personal and commercial work in photography.

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