Pêcheries de Fécamp


Traveling to Normandy earlier this summer, I had a chance to explore and photograph the Pêcheries de Fécamp museum. Opened at the end of 2017 after a long genesis, the museum aggregates three pre-existing institutions into one single prominent location surrounded by the dock basins.

For decades, the fishery has been the center piece of the local economy. Morped into a museum, the exhibitions it now hosts provide a great testimony on the town's long fishing history and its significant connection with cod fishing and herring fishing.

Behind the industrial building's original shell which has been renovated and preserved, the architects have engineered a massive contemporay overhaul inside, topping three stories of exhibition space with a spectacular and futuristic glass-and-steel ship treated as a belvedere with breathtaking views of the city and harbour.

The fishery renovation and extension is the brainchild of architecture firm [Basalt Architecture][1]. Its daring design has already made it the hallmark of Fécamp. No doubt it will put the coastal town on the map for architecture lovers. In addition to learning about the region's rich history, capturing a few pictures of the impressive building's architecture was an unexpected highlight of this visit.

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    Musée des Pêcheries de Fécamp photographed by Xavier Wendling
    Musée des Pêcheries de Fécamp photographed by Xavier Wendling