Nike Product Photoshoot


Back in the studio for a new product photoshoot project. I hadn’t purchased fancy high tech running shoes in years so these sleek Nike Epic React Flyknit men’s running shoes looked too good to pass up the opportunity.

I was amazed at how technically advanced these products have gotten. Well they always have been innovative but todays's precisely engineered flyknit fabrics, the way the Nike logo and eyelet system are integrated, the formfitting and seamless upper technology with integrated tongue, and the resulting fit, comfort and weight benefits are really impressive.

Here are a few images of these undeniably photogenic shoes.

Interested by the textured nature and almost three dimensional feel of the Flyknit material, I went for a low-key, almost dramatic light setup. This shoot didn't happen right after purchase so the shoes weren't pristine and flawless anymore. Despite great care setting this up, the retouching phase was a tad bit more involved than it would have been otherwise.

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