Sanity Studio and live website scene
Sanity Studio and live website scene

New Content Platform


This website has just received a major update as I have started moving my content from Prismic to Sanity.

While a central piece to promoting my work, my portfolio website has always been the perfect testing ground to experiment with new design ideas and new development technologies and workflows.

In that spirit, the switch to the Sanity content platform brings me even closer to the perfect stack that helps me achieve high quality, performance, flexibility, maintenability and an overall fantastic developer experience.

With its great integration with Next.js, Sanity allows me to achieve separation between content and presentation is a way that is clean, efficient and enjoyable.

What I like particularly:

  • the Sanity Studio CMS is going to be a fantastic content editing and management platform for this project and others. It is modern, fully featured and customizable.
  • the ability to use plain JavaScript to model content schemas and user interfaces quickly straight from my development sandbox.
  • Great integration with my favorite React-based Javascript framework Next.js, making the developer experience top-notch.
  • Modern APIs though GraphQL and Sanity's awesome open-source query language GROQ.

Migration of my content to Sanity is well underway and I can't wait to uncover even more ways to leverage the platform once the dust has settled.