Cistus Ladanifer flowers
Cistus Ladanifer flowers

Cistus Ladanifer Short Film


Side project alert! I just finished shooting and editing a new short film inspired by the delicate and ephemeral beauty of Gum Rockrose flowers, scientifically known as Cistus Ladanifer flowers.

Native to the western Mediterranean region, these ornamental plants bloom over the course of one day during the months of May and June.

For a tender and loving mood, I opted for a sweet and playful musical theme featuring flowing piano and strings. The gentle, romantic mood is also emphasized by the macro angle of view and the shallow depth of field that create a sense of quiet and intimacy. The surrounding urban environment disappears as a result.

Overall this turned out to be a sort and humble two-day project meant to get back into video content creation in anticipation of upcoming professional opportunities.

I hope you like the video. Shot on Fujifilm X-T30. Assembled and edited in Premiere Pro.

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