Alpine environment illustration by Xavier Wendling

New environment drawing work


My latest visual development project features an alpine landscape, a welcoming campfire envolped in fog and darkness, and a colorful twilight sky.

Lost in the desert environment illustration by Xavier Wendling

UX and Visual development for this website


Along with a recent migration of this website to Gatsby, I have been busy revisiting its design, including user experience and visual identity aspects.

Gatsby powered themed abstract layered geometric background artwork by Xavier Wendling

New development stack based on Gatsby


This website has been redeveloped based on the Gatsby static site generator allowing me to enjoy the benefits of React, modern Javascript and GraphQL.

Peaceful sunset over Le Croisic, long exposure shot by Xavier Wendling

Playing with ND filters


See how a recent investment in a range of neutral density filters is opening up new creative options in still photography and video.

A l'ombre du cerisier, textes et illustrations de Sophie Grangerat, publié par Samir Editeur

Artwork photography for artist and author Sophie Grangerat


Learn about this collab and my photography work for talented illustrator and author Sophie Grangerat and renowned book publisher Samir.

The Fujifilm X-T30 compact mirrorless camera photographed by Xavier Wendling

First steps with the Fujifilm X-T30


The Fujifilm X-T30 APS-C mirroless camera has joined my photography kit and is a great addition for both travel and video.

Digital illustration inspired by the Hengifoss waterfall in Iceland by Xavier Wendling

Taking on an environment drawing challenge


This is step one of a new environment drawing challenge I have started to develop skills and a confident workflow as a digital artist.

Low poly 3D world scene created with Blender by Xavier Wendling

A new creative dimension


I am starting a journey to mastering Blender, the reference 3D creation suite, and making 3D graphics and animation an integral part of my creative skillset.