Editorial shot of the Ingo Maurer Five Pack pendant lamp at the Tandem Mobilier showroom in Grenoble


As a content creator, I am passionate about creating quality content to tell engaging and meaningful stories.

If you have been exploring this website a bit you may have come to realize a significant part of my activity is geared towards producing visual media, including still photography, video, illustration and various other graphic assets. Not only do I enjoy it a lot. It also makes perfect sense that creative storytelling through visual elements has become so popular in this age of information overload and reduced attention spans.

This section is meant to reflect an equal passion for written content, a belief in the beauty of carefully chosen words to engage an audience, communicate ideas, create emotions, trigger reflection and awareness. Whether writing short segments or long-form, highly researched copy, I value clarity and conciseness as the holy grail to great content.

In my career, this taste for writing has taken the form of several editorial and blogging projects as well as media collaborations presented in this section.

In the context of various business development projects in web and e-commerce, I have also built extensive experience doing copywriting work, authoring branded content, developing and optimizing website content for SEO purposes.

Earlier on, as a product application engineer in the semiconductor industry, I used to author a variety of technical documents.