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Web, Digital & Social


A mix of skills, knowledge and experiences that bring high value to a digital project.

Web engineering

Building on my roots in computer science, software engineering and information technology, I have developed a wealth of knowledge and experience in web technologies and development expertise. Even as I diversify my set of skills and get increasingly invested into my other creative passions, it remains a top focus of mine to stay relevant and sharp as a web developer. I work hard to use modern technologies, implement today's best practices in web development and establish workflows that ensure efficiency, performance, quality and maintenability.

Web development & coding by Xavier Wendling

Design and User Experience

I believe in the value of great design to build functional interfaces and create experiences that are not only delightful and memorable but also result in better engagement and conversion. For commercial projects, that means a deliberate, iterative and sustained improvement effort through proper user testing and uncovering insights through analytics, heatmaps and A/B split testing.


Creating high quality visual and textual contents that inform, engage and delight the visitor is another important aspect of my approach. Content is also critial in the context of search engine optimization. As a content creator, photographer, videographer, graphic designer, digital artist and writer I can bring specific value. These creative skills have been put to good use in most of the projects presented here.

Digital Marketing

I have also a strong interest and knowledge in search engine otpimization, search engine marketing, content marketing and social media engagement.


The following projects showcase my extensive experience in web design, front-end and back-end development, deployment, organic and paid content marketing and social engagement.