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Video & Motion

In 2016, thanks to collaboration opportunities and more personal creative projects, video production and editing has become a more significant area of interest and investment. This page presents a selection of published work, including time lapse and stop motion animation shorts.

In the context of some of the business development projects I have been involved with in recent years, I have also produced interview formats and promotional videos for crowdfunding initiatives.


Close The Rings

A fun and highly satisfying and colourful motion graphics and video editing project inspired by the famous Apple Watch activity rings.

London Nightscape

One of my very first time-lapse projects assembled from a few sequences shot while in London. It captures the mermerizing activity of cranes in the booming capital and features a little moon surprise...

Lights in the Valley

Nested in the French Alps, surrounded by three mountain ranges, the city of Grenoble and surrounding towns offer great night views from above and an obvious subject matter for my very first time-lapse project.

Please recycle

My first stab at motion with this very simple short. In addition to the technical aspects, this was a perfect scenario to experiment with one of the most popular tricks in the genre.

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If you would like to follow my video work, I have a YouTube channel for that.

London Nightscape intro created with After Effects

Video production and post-production

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