Go Sport brand identity store signage mockup by Xavier Wendling


Go Sport Brand Identity Redesign


About the brand

Go Sport is a major French sports retailer founded in the late 1970s by Grenoble-based Daniel Cathiard, a former teammate of Jean-Claude Killy in the French alpine ski team.

Now part of the Rallye retail group, Go Sport is focusedd on selling major sportswear and sports equipment brands as well as its own specialty brands. The group sells through a network of 127 stores in France, plus over 30 international retail outlets.

Although focused on focusedd on selling major international sportswear and sports equipment brands, the company has also developped its own portfolio of ly distributed brands, such as Ellesse, and specialty brands such as Wanabee, Athlitech.

In France, Go Sport is a runner-up to Decathlon, a major and very succesful competitor with fully assumed positioning and brand identity.

Current Go Sport logo

Project Goals

My goal with this study was to explore how the Go Sport brand identity could be rebooted to better fit its current positioning and future strategy.

A word of caution here. This a personal study. I had no interaction with the Go Sport company. This study and proposal is therefore not based on a formal discussion and discovery process with people at Go Sport to fully understand the brand's precise roots and philosophy, its exact positioning and its future ambitions and plans.

Instead this work stems from my own customer-centric perception of the brand today. From that imperfect vantage point, I see a dated visual identity, dull and aging stores, and an apparent struggle the brand has been going through in recent years to position itself either as a shopping destination for private labels amd budget prices, or as a fully assumed network of exciting fancy and immersive flagship stores to enjoy and shop international brands.

Isolated Logo

A simple first look at the logo presented on a white background with lots of negative space around so it receives all the focus and critical attention without distraction. The proposed concept retains the black, white and acid green elements of the current color palette. The original pure black evolves into a subdued smoky black. My design approach was to draw from the current logo design and come up with a modern, abstracted and minimalistic reinterpretation.

Go Sport logo redesign proposal by Xavier Wendling

Split Screen

Careful consideration has been given to the variety of backgrounds the logo may be rendered in front of. My objective was to make sure it looked equally legible and effective over a light background and a dark background.

Go Sport logo redesign proposal by Xavier Wendling

Alternate inverted color Scheme

This alternate inverted variant allows for the logo to be placed on a background using the primary color.

Go Sport logo redesign proposal by Xavier Wendling

Sports Category (vertical)

Because Go Sport is a generalist sports retailer, the company's logo is typically associated with a secondary piece of text to designate a particular sports category such as mountain, fitness, wellness, running... Typical use cases would be in-store signage.

Mockups (Packaging and tags)

The logo featured on typical shopping bags and clothing tags.

Store Signage

Although it would make sense for store design to be an integral aspect of a brand identity reboot, we are not covering the subject in this case study. The following mockups only give a sense of how the new logo itself infuses a new touch of modernity and minimalism to the shopping experience.

Go Sport brand identity store signage mockup by Xavier Wendling

Street Signage

The following mockups illustrate how the logo could feature on street signage, including metro and bus stop billboards.

Go Sport brand identity bus stop billboard mockup by Xavier Wendling

Mockups (Posters, Ads)

Among various collaterals, large format posters would be an important medium to consider both for in-store identity and for use on bllboards and other ad mediums. The following mockups envision a bold communication meant to create emotion through high-quality, bold and striking visuals of athletes.

Mockups (Social)

Go Sport's Instagram profile image updated with the new logo.

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