Promotional image for the kids costumes and face painting app Cute Faces for iOS


Cute Faces


Learn about Cute Faces, my first app developed natively for iOS and published on the App Store in 2015.

Making use of the device’s camera system the app brings a kids costumes and face painting family experience to the iPhone and iPad.

App purpose

Simple family fun

Cute Faces is a simple and fun app that draws from the ever popular tradition of kids costumes and face painting activities. The app lets users take a picture, select a predefined costume or face paint and apply it on top of the original picture for a fun transformation.

Cute Faces app for iOS. The genius face

Taking a picture

Since the app is aimed at children and family, a top concern was to make the app highly intuitive and simple to use. Creating a costume or face paint composition simply starts with taking a portrait-style picture.

Cute Faces app for iOS. The butterfly face.

Predefined costumes and face paints

In addition to developing the app, this project was also a lot of fun for the opportunity to design and create all the costumes, face paints, mockups and interface elements. At launch the app featured 20 predefined faces to choose from.

Cute Faces app for iOS. The business woman face


Once a face has been selected, users navigate to a new screen where individual elements are overlayed on top of the picture taken earlier. Each of those components can be individually moved, resized and rotated for optimal fit.

Cute Faces app for iOS. The summer girl face

Saving and sharing

The resulting composition can then be saved to a photo album.

Cute Faces app for iOS. The gentleman face


My first personal app development project to make it to public release, Cute Faces was developed for iOS with XCode and initially released on the App Store in October 2015.

Cute Faces app for iOS. The firefighter face

User Experience

Designing an intuitive user experience with a few cleanly designed screens

Home Screen

Cute Faces for iOS. Home screen

Taking a picture

Cute Faces for iOS. Taking a picture

Applying a costume or face paint

Cute Faces for iOS. Selecting a predefined face

Adjusting and customizing

A predefined face is made up of individual components that can be individually adjusted (resized, rotated and moved) using common multitouch gestures for optimal fit on the photograph. Fine-tuning a composition is as simple as dragging, pinching and rotating.

Cute Faces for iOS. Editing and adjusting the overlay


The minimalist interface makes saving a composition to the device photo library a breeze. Because young children may be using the app under the supervision of their parents or older siblings, functionality to directly share to social networks or via email was deliberately left out. Sharing is still possible from the photo library app.

Cute Faces for iOS. Saving to the photo library