Model Kathleen photographed in a Marese Couture dress for BigBen Kids London


Marese fashion shoot for BigBen Kids



Already a stakeholder on tech, digital and content aspects of the BigBen Kids London business development project, I was tasked with the mission to create new and original visuals capturing the latest collections of the Marese clothing line.

The ambition

Marese had already made plenty of high quality material available to us, including catalog shots and photos from their latest lifestyle campaigns. However our goal for BigBen Kids called for an even more ambitious visual approach that would help us better develop a high-end brand style for the UK market. In particular, we envisioned favoring live model photography over the usual flat lays. We were also planning an ambitious editorial calendar, including significant social media efforts that would be made possible if we could tap from a generous pool of visual assets.

Shoot & post-production

In this context, I contributed to a first in-studio photoshoot, taking care of setting up the studio and lighting, photographing children, securing, organizing and reviewing image assets, processing and retouching selected files.