London Nightscape intro created with After Effects


Motion Design

Currently under construction, this section will grow to offer a glance at my work in motion graphics and animated content. This section is updated on a regular basis to feature personal projets and client work for various end goals, including video production, stand-alone pieces for web animation, animated infographics, ad projects, explainer videos and interactive concepts...

Close The Rings

A fun and highly satisfying and colourful motion graphics and video editing project inspired by the famous Apple Watch activity rings.

London Nightscapes Title Sequence

This motion graphics project is based on a time-lapse short I produced in 2017 based on footage I had shot while working in London. The idea is to revisit the opening sequence and experiment with different ways to animate the opening title.

Personal Branding

Part of my personal branding efforts, this series of intro videos, reels and related materials is an opportunity to experiment with various motion graphics techniques and showcase my skills and creativity.

Boy On Swing Animation

This ultra short Adobe After Effects motion graphics project builds on a summerly watercolor illustration project. The illustration itself is inspired by a photograph I had taken of my precious little one having fun on a swing.

Besides the simple character animation, the goal was to experiment with animated typography ideas and various effects.


You may also be interested in my work in video production and editing. Also, to keep up with motion graphics and video content that I put out on a regular basis, you are welcome to follow my YouTube channel.