Three Six O brand identity office mockup by Xavier Wendling


Brand Identity & Logo Design

Updated on a regular basis this section documents my creative journey and body of work in brand identity and logo design.

While the focus here is on visual identity, my interest encompasses all aspects of branding, including brand strategy and messaging. I am passionate and utterly curious about the larger concept of branding, how you build brands that have personality, how you help brands uncover, define and express that personality, how you communicate to your ideal clients.

Contents presented here include full-fledged identity projects, working on correctly assessing a brand in terms of its mission, values, unique value proposition and voice, translating that vision into tangible brand guidelines and visual design assets (name, logo, tone, typeface tagline) that support the desired customer perception and connection.

The end goal is to design identity systems and develop content that express the brand’s core values and personality at a glance, create recognition and bring the promise of meaning.

Here you will also find more narrowly scoped contributions including simple logo and secondary mark design projects as well as creating other collarerals such as business cards, billboards or flyers.