BigBen Kids London

Project / Client

Based in London, BigBen Kids is a high-end kids fashion label distributing clothes and fashion accessories for children aged 2 to 14. BigBen Kids launched as the exclusive distributor of the Marese brand in the United Kingdom.


  • Creative digital direction
  • UX design
  • Web and e-commerce development
  • Web marketing: SEO, ads, social media
  • Content writing, copywriting and translations
  • Visual content production
  • Community management
  • Fashion photography and retouching

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Front Page

The general design of the BigBen Kids online store is meant to convey the label’s attributes: pure, elegant, high-end. It starts right at the front page with a striking hero section showcasing some of the stunning looks from the collection.

Screen capture of the BigBen Kids online store front page

Collection Page

Screen capture of a typical collections page on the BigBen Kids online store

Product Page

The product page retains the general design language of the BigBen Kids website. Because it is such a critical piece in a buyer’s experience, this page has received a lot of attention.

The product description has to convey the product’s features and qualities in a relevant, concise and attractive way. Various reassurances, including easy access to the live chat and to the size guide, come together to ease the purchasing decision. Featured looks not only drive higher cart amounts but are also a way to show the clothes worn by a model.

Screen capture of a typical product page on the BigBen Kids online store

Blog Page

Screen capture of a typical blog page on the BigBen Kids online store

Styling Ideas

Providing shopping inspirations through featured looks is a prominent part of the experience. These looks can be found on most product pages and the blog features a dedicated styling inspirations section.

Screen capture of the styling ideas section on the BigBen Kids online store

How the website is developed

This website is develop with the following technologies:

  • Shopify e-commerce platform.
  • Liquid, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Javascript.
  • Module bundling with Webpack.
  • Build automation with Gulp.