Converging lines at the intersection of Bay Street and the Garniner Expressway in Toronto by Xavier Wendling

On a recent trip to Toronto, I only had a few hours to wander around the vibrant city in Ontario and marvel at its vertical and ever rising skyline. While not a properly planned and paced urban exploration per se I was keen on seizing the opportunity and taking a few pictures of the buildings and streets.

Emerging from a long winter and soaked by a few hours of sustained rain, the city was still drapped in quiet mystery on this morning. While the formidable CN tower was still to emerge from the fog, the tallest buildings in the financial district and on the waterfront were also touching the clouds.

Given those conditions, a dark and contrasty color treatment, playing with oranges and teals felt quite fitting, emphasizing the omnipresence of glass on the latest generation of Toronto skyscrapers.

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