Photoshoot at the Atelier 1937 concept store in Grenoble


Photoshoot at Atelier 1937


A few pictures from a photoshoot earlier this year at Atelier 1937, a Grenoble-based one-of-a-kind concept store selling clothes and accessories for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Launched about a year ago, Atelier 1937 has established itself as more than a cool and respected shopping destination for gentlemen bikers. Through regular events and social media engagement, shop owners Thomas and Rémi have built a community of like-minded people who share a common passion and lifestyle.

Beyond the opportunity to explore and shop carefully curated collections, visitors enjoy returning for the classic look and unique atmosphere reminiscent of old workshops, for the warm and welcoming lounge or simply for the opportunity to chat and enjoy a coffee served by Thomas and Rémi.

A dream destination for guys and gals who love vintage motorcycles and cafe racers, Atelier 1937 was also a fun location for me to photograph, with plenty of angles to highlight the carefully crafted industrial atmosphere and many details to isolate.