Lights of the city

London Nightscape time-lapse

My latest video edit is here finally!

More than a year ago, I was trying my hands at shooting time lapses for the first time. This was shortly before starting the Lights in the Valley time-lapse project. With beautiful London as seen at night from Shoreditch as my playing field, my footage turned out pretty nicely.

Granted, in retrospect I wish I had shot more variety and at a higher resolution for 4k capability and extra cropping leeway. Should I revisit this location someday, I’ll sure approach it with a more robust workflow. Still very happy with the end result and had great fun coming up with this little video.

There is a lot going on, from the non-stop activity and traffic along Boxpark Shoreditch to clouds passing above the city, to the mesmerizing ballet of busy construction cranes, and planes and helicopters zipping accross the sky. Not to mention that little moon surprise…

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