My logo makeover project by Xavier Wendling

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The Logo Makeover Project

Project Motivations

The logo makeover project is a long-term personal project where I look at existing logos and attempt to come up with a redesign proposal that I feel would bring added brand value to the considered company, institution or non-profit organization.

For the fun I may be bold enough to consider the logo of very succesful brands. Mostly though I am taking a more humble approach focusing on brands whose current visual identity may be lacking and not quite do justice to the quality of their product offering.

In most cases, I am shooting for a simple, limited in scope, logo redesign exercise. Occasionally, if inspired by a particular subject matter my concept proposal may grow into a more comprehensive brand identity system proposal.

Like the Daily Logo Challenge, at its core this project is another opportunity to make daily progess, developing my creative eye and design skills through a series of regular design challenges.

This page is meant to document the journey and showcase some of the logo concepts I produce in the process.

The logos

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