New abstract backgrounds illustration project


Today I am formally initiating a new creative project aimed at producing abstract background illustrations of various kinds and inspirations for use in my digital and print projects.

Those requirements are not new and have been so far addressed on an as-needed basis. The project brings another opportunity to create something new on a regular basis and will allow me to build up a pool of visual assets readily available as illustrative needs arise.

Head over to the new [abstract background illustrations][1] page in the [graphic design][2] section of this site for more.

For personal branding or in the context of a large scale brand marketing and communication project, today's requirements when it comes to content are quite significant. My various creative activities in [photography][3], [cinematography][4], [graphic design][2], [motion design][5], as well as [content writing][6] are the building blocks of my content creation offering.

Reading suggestions

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