Xavier Wendling website deployment infrastructure update

Deployment workflow update


This JAMstack-based website is now developed and deployed to production through a revisited workflow based on the Netlify platform

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Xavier Wendling website 2018 design update

New website design


The latest redesign of this website brings a new color palette and fancy diagonal lines for added modernity.

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Golden sky over Les Sables d'Olonne, photography by Xavier Wendling

Golden Sky


A few images shot under a mesmerizing golden sky from the beach in Les Sables d'Olonne on a late autumn afternoon.

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Stylized desk setting with a G-Technology portable drive, Moleskine notebooks, a Mac keyboard and a Wacom tablet stylus

Storage and backup strategy


You can never do too much when it comes to your storage and backup strategy. Is your data protected?

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Photoshoot at Atelier 1937 in Grenoble

Photoshoot at Atelier 1937


A selection of pictures from a recent gig at Atelier 1937, a Grenoble-based concept store selling clothes and accessories for motorcycle enthusiasts.

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Blue Flamingo peach bellini cocktail photoshoot, Xavier Wendling Photography

Photographing cocktails for Blue Flamingo


Working in the studio to produce some contents for Blue Flamingo's various web, social and PR communication needs

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Scarce swallowtail butterfly feeding on lavender

Butterflies, lavender and golden light


Summer vacation assignments. A good time to experiment with different photography genres and train one's eye to unusual situations.

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Launch visual for Blue Flamingo cocktails

Blue Flamingo has launched


Excited to report about the launch of Blue Flamingo. Read to learn about the project and my contribution in web, ecommerce,content editing and graphic design.

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