Nike Epic React Flyknit running shoes photographed by Xavier Wendling

Nike Photoshoot


Learn about my latest product photography project, photographing these sleek Nike Epic React Flyknit men’s running shoes in the studio.

Go Sport brand identity store signage mockup by Xavier Wendling

Go Sport brand identity


Learn about my latest brand identity design study, imagining a modern and minimalistic reboot of the current and aging visual identity of Go Sport, a major French multisport retailer.

Boy on swing illustration by Xavier Wendling

Boy on swing illustration


Working to build up my graphic design portfolio lately, I just completed this cute illustration artwork. The initial inspiration comes from a photo I recently took of my precious little one on a swing. This piece was created in Photoshop.

Three Six O brand identity office mockup by Xavier Wendling

Three Six O brand identity


Learn about my latest work creating a brand identity for creative agency Three Six O. Explore the case study for insights into my methodology, thought process and graphic design work.

Musée des Pêcheries de Fécamp photographed by Xavier Wendling

Pêcheries de Fécamp


In the 2018 edition of my photography on the road series, here are a few images of the Pêcheries de Fécamp museum building designed by Basalt Architecture and opened only a few months ago.

Xavier Wendling website deployment infrastructure update

Deployment workflow update


This JAMstack-based website is now developed and deployed to production through a revisited workflow based on the Netlify platform

Xavier Wendling website 2018 design update

New website design


The latest redesign of this website brings a new color palette and fancy diagonal lines for added modernity.

Golden sky over Les Sables d'Olonne, photography by Xavier Wendling

Golden Sky


A few images shot under a mesmerizing golden sky from the beach in Les Sables d'Olonne on a late autumn afternoon.