Childhood fun on seawall illustration by Xavier Wendling


The SeawallNew illustration inspired by childhood memories


I have been actively doodling, drawing and illustrating lately, adding more of those bits of curiosity and exploration to my daily routines. My latest piece of work expands on a creative theme started last year, capturing the vibes of childhood, celebrating the joy of all those precious moments for children and parents alike.

Like my original swing illustration work, this scene of a playful and spontaneous moment on a seawall is inspired by a photograph I took of my son last summer. The original image stood out not only for its subject matter, the found memories and feelings it brings back, but also for its clean composition, balance and dynamism. Needless to say golden hour light on that evening in √Čtretat made it even more perfect, bringing warmth, vibrance and crispiness to the scene.

Follow the project page as I bring more details on the vision, the styling decisions and the different stages of creation, including initial sketching, tonal painting, coloring and texturing.

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