Peaceful sunset over Le Croisic, long exposure shot by Xavier Wendling


Playing with ND filters


It has been a little over a month since I added the cute little Fujifilm X-T30 to my photography gear mix. Not only is it proving to be a delightful second shooter and travel companion. Even more significantly, it is also quickly opening up new possibilities for my videography work, giving me a much simplified and fitting workflow and helping me deliver more cinematic content.

With filmmaking in mind, I recently invested into a new set of neutral density filters. The range of densities helps me stop down and enforce the 180 degree shutter angle rule no matter what the lighting conditions are. Also contributing to the cinematic, it becomes easier to shoot at wider apertures and achieve the shallow depth of field aesthetic that I love so much.

But these ND filters also bring an opportunity to try new things when it comes to still photography, in particular long exposure shots like these 30-second exposures recently captured by the ocean during blue hour in Le Croisic, France.

I can’t wait to explore even more creative opportunities.

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