Xavier Wendling website 2018 design update


New website design


It’s that time of year again. Jumping into 2018 with fresh ideas and renewed motivation, I have just completed the 2018 redesign of this website.

Nothing too crazy. More an evolution than a revolution, the new design retains core navigational and presentation principles returning visitors have been familiar with. It introduces a new color palette and diagonal lines here and there for a touch of added modernity and dynamism.

Technically these fancy diagonal patterns are implemented with inline SVGs, producing slanted polygons as needed. This elegant solution is perfect when it comes to performance, responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility.

As always my website is a perfect testbed, all year long, to experiment with all sorts of design and implementation ideas, big and small. At this point the technical stack remains unchanged. Web pages are statically generated based on the Hugo website generator. Lately though I have been exploring ways to migrate to a React based develpment workflow.

Learn about my other web design and development activities in the dedicated section.